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I create photos that speak loudly to the eyes and directly to the heart.

Love and Sunshine, Manasquan NJ

In a few days I fly to my visit my love in the good old USA! I’m spending summer on the Jersey Shore. Right now I should be packing up my belongings… but I’ve been distracted by photos. Here is one I took last time I was in town. Manasquan Inlet at sunset.


Spaces at Gazebo Wine Garden

Twilight skies and the clinking of wine glasses – a great setting for some interior shots of the Gazebo, Potts Point.
Thanks to Steve and his wiiiide selection of lenses, we got a pretty cool shot of the featured mini Gazebo. (Photo #2)


Crazy things happen and wild beards are grown for Halloween in Arlington, Virginia. This is a photo of Tom in his festive get up, before going out to party for the night.

The Love Bug on car washing Day

April and David’s Wedding Day

April and David got married on a sunny Autumn day at Long Reef Headland. With the beautiful weather, a stunning bride and incredibly cute kids it was perfect conditions for Steve and I to shoot this gorgeous wedding.

Steve snapped up this winner of a shot

Boronia House – The Construction Phase

These images are from the “Before, During and After” shoot I am doing at Boronia House. This is Phase II, the construction. Special thanks to Steve for snapping some dusty details.

Party at Jack’s House

Last night Jack threw a very classy party… Well AZB threw a party for Jack. Either way it was a very distinguished soiree, with a lot of whisky involved.